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Amaryllis VR : Ocean premiere

Join us for the premiere exhibition of the first chapter of Amaryllis VR: Ocean, the first standalone VR art installation created by a Danish artist.
This VR piece has been developed by Mariam Zakarian since February 2016 and will be shown in its finished form at the contemporary art gallery: Galleri Oxholm in Copenhagen, on the 25-27th of August.

--~~>>AMARYLLIS VR<<~~--
Amaryllis is a virtual reality art installation about the subject of mortality.
It is composed of mysterious, surreal worlds caught between deep, hazy dream and heavy nightmare.
Amaryllis was inspired by the life-cycle of the many-headed flower of the same name, to whom death and dormancy are as important as growth, beauty and life. The installation is at its core a communion with nature through digital technology.

The virtual installation is on the HTC Vive, but the concept is expanded with various traditional paintings and drawings on paper and canvas, as well as music specifically composed for each virtual world.

A taste of things to come:

The first chapter of Amaryllis is “Ocean” – a piece about cleansing and an entry point to the digital world. It swells and swallows the visitor continually, bringing both digital death and absolution. “Ocean” was inspired by the river Lethe from Dante’s Divine Comedy, which welcomes those who may venture out of the 9th circle of Hell. Bathing in the river would take away one’s memory, and wash away one’s sins. “Ocean” welcomes the visitor to a space of contemplation and catharsis.


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