“I have been asked to write ten lines about myself and my paintings, but I’m afraid I can’t give you that. In ten lines, I’d be forced to be so specific that there’d be no room left for the essential stuff – the space between sense and emotion. It is often paradoxial. I don’t strive for a logical standpoint. I contradict myself. I’d rather work against the conviction that common sense is the stronger part of me. I’ve told a lot of people that I don’t work with art. I work with the progress of a specific painting. That’s what I do, not art, but despite of that, I’m an artist. I like that things make sense and don’t make sense at the same time – that it is the approach, the focus, and the context that decides this. It all depends on my mood. How am I supposed to explain this in a short, snappy text? In the end it’s pretty simple – I create content in my life – and in the process I make a lot of noise.

I just realised that this is probably the ten lines you were asking for, so I withdraw the refusal I wrote earlier.”

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