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Maria Engholm,   Livscirkus II  , acrylics and collage on  birch veneer . 55 x 120 cm. 2018.

Maria Engholm, Livscirkus II, acrylics and collage on birch veneer. 55 x 120 cm. 2018.

Maria Engholm

Heidi P

Giuditta R


Opening Reception Saturday 10. February 2018 kl. 12 - 2 pm

Exhibition period 10. February – 4. March 2018


It is with great pleasure that Gallery Oxholm invites to the opening of the group exhibition  REALITY, FANTASY AND ALL THE THINGS INBETWEEN where new pieces by the three artists Maria Engholm (DK), Heidi P (DK) og Giuditta R (IT) will be on display.

The exhibition presents new paintings and drawings which point of departure is the fragmented, strange and challenging that our contemporary life and we as humans are made of.

Heidi P´s paintings are color saturated and extremely imaginative. Her artistic universe where scale and perspective doesn't´ refer to traditional painterly konventions, invites us on a wonderful journey of fantasy, where funny and disgusting exist side by side with a overt contempt for the everyday grind. Joy, fright, humor and seriousness is experienced in a balstyric harmony in a parallel world far from the one we know so well and leve in. Heidi P activates our fantasy and distorts the wellknown so it becomes a more far more abstract expression where you, I and us are suddenly much closer each other.

Maria Engholm whose paintings are presented in the middle part of the gallery space works with perspective recognizable entities and various kinds of disturbing elements which act as subjacent structures but also clearly breaks with the narrations. The works present themselves as color saturated , spacious entities which form comes from architecture, specific imagined rooms, installations and cities´shabby yet beautiful spaces.

Engholm gets her inspiration from the streets of the city. As a viewer of her work one is taken on a journey into the detail and given a part in the narration and story. The space oil Engholm´s paintings is presented as both an absolute physical entity and as a mental space where experiences are stored and phantasms occur. The paintings manifests themselves as colorful remarks and aesthetic pleasure but transcend the decorative element too in calling on the viewer´s reflection and imagination. They are sensuous realities and inner phycological spaces in a combination of cool minimalism and elements from everyday life.

Giuditta R describes the paradox as an overall and omnipresent theme and premise in human life. Rustica´s work show the darker side of human life and give space to the aparte. The works, pencil and mixed technique on paper, are inspired by artists such as Francis Bacon, but also the horror genre (movie), contemporary photography, video games and photographic material from crime archives are obvious elements of interests one comes to think of when confronted with Rustica´s art. The color scheme is black, brown and white and accompanied by the artist´s choice of highlighting smaller specific areas through glitter and shiny sequins. The small details, the kings of a butterfly, the cuffs of a shirt or the tear in the cheek, are emphasized on the surface of the drawing as a sudden space of opportunity and preoccupation for the viewer in the middle of all the colorless. This space - the pause - that occurs, also emphasizes the artist´s message about hope for the future - hope for man´s future existence and being.

For further information about the exhibition and press please contact the gallery via telephone +45 22452037 or email Reality, fantasy and all the things in-between runs until Sunday 4 March 2018.


With best regards

Galleri Oxholm

Giuditta R,   She Came in Like An Obsession II,   mixed media on paper. 70 x 50 cm. 2017.

Giuditta R, She Came in Like An Obsession II, mixed media on paper. 70 x 50 cm. 2017.

Heidi P,  Reflections of a Purple Day ,   71,5 x 97,5 cm, akryl og posca tusch på lærred. 2018.

Heidi P, Reflections of a Purple Day71,5 x 97,5 cm, akryl og posca tusch på lærred. 2018.